This page is still under construction, but YES-we have flowers! Our bouquets are diverse and all grown here on the farm.  Arrangements tend to be loose and informal, with cut flowers, herbs, flowering branches, native plants, and edibles as the season permits.  We deliver-see pricing below! Call for up to date availability, or if you are looking for flowers for a specific event.

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Colors and flowers change with the season- you can buy a single bouquet, but why not try a flower subscription, for a whole growing season of flowers!  Contact us for pricing and availability.


Bouquets and berries

Nothing says summer like locally grown flowers and fresh berries.  Your bouquet arrives with two pints of locally picked fresh berries-you can decide whether or not you want to share!  This is also available as a subscription, if you'd like flowers and fresh berries over the course of the season. Available June-September.

Bouquet size and pricing

We use mason jars to determine size and pricing, If you would like a more decorative vase, let us know (We love to source fun things from thrift stores and yard sales). 

1/2 gallon: $45

Quart jar: $25

Quart jar 4 pack: $85

Pint jar 4 pack: $45

Add berries: $7

Delivery: depends on location, but generally $1/mile from the farm.

On farm pickup is free!