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We are not offering a vegetable csa for 2018

Sometimes in life you have to make a change, or at least an adjustment.  When doing the work you love is keeping you from the one you love, you have to choose.  I find I am in that place now. My husband and I have been through some major challenges in the last two years and now at the end of it, we are re-assessing our priorities.  One of those priorities is making more time for each other, particularly in the summer-so we can go camping, fishing and adventuring. The veggie CSA has made that very hard to do, so I am changing the farm model and looking for regular off farm work. The good news with all that extra space is I am planting a ton of flowers this year! Once I find work I'll have a better idea of what the farm will have to offer-so watch this space!  We will definitely grow veggies and tomatoes for a spring garden start sale, and will offer pastured broilers and meat rabbit and eggs as well. A flower subscription may also be in the works.....

So much thanks to our community of farm friends who have supported us and helped make this dream possible. The farm adventure will continue, it is just the shape of it that is changing- I can't wait to see what the reboot looks like! To your health, and with gratitude:

Farmer Laura

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