What is csa?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Buying a farm share in the spring prepays the farmer for a season's worth of vegetable, fruit and flower delivery to a drop site near you!  This enables the farmer to buy seeds, amendments, set the budget and plan the farm.  Main season CSA membership typically runs from May to October, but there are farms out there that offer CSA year round! A typical CSA share is harvested within 24 hours of delivery to you, and grown within a few miles of where you live, bringing you the freshest most nutrient dense food you can find.


Welcome to Long Run Farm-we are not offering a CSA share in 2018-but we love the model and think it is one of the very best ways to support small, local producers.  We will offer flowers, pastured broilers, rabbit and eggs in 2018. The farm is located on ten acres in the Patton Valley, just outside Gaston, Oregon. Check our 'Farm Offerings' link above to find out what is available now.


If you are interested in a CSA membership but have never joined a CSA before, check out our quick questionnaire below.